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GM Training Academy PLT (GM) formerly known as Golden Millennium Consultancy founded by CEO Miichael Yeoh started business in the 2005 as a mortgage consultation company. GM assists housing loan applicants in getting approval from the banks.

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Property/Mortgage Consultancy

Buying a property needs a lot of planning. Many people are worried that they make the wrong decision. Some are also worried that it is difficult to take a loan with the bank. In property/mortgage consultancy, you can have a private consultation from buying to taking up a loan with the bank. It will minimize or eliminate your risk in making the wrong decision.

If you need this service, please email to to set an appointment. We have packages where you can do one on one meet up or through skype.

GM also provides event planning. We have organised 35 events since we started. Until now, we have organised property seminars,  study tours , courses and have work with many prominent companies.  We have 30,000 of followers and database of property buyers and investors in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Our company also provides marketing activities for the  events organised.

Event Planning

Providing Event Speakers

GM also provides speakers for property events organised by developers. We have a range of well known speakers in Malaysia. The speakers expertise includes Mortgage, Property Investment, First Property, Tax, Legal, Feng Shui, Numerology , Financial Planning, insurance and many more. Normally, the speakers are engage for the launching or existing projects by developers. Miichael, has been engage by more than 26 developers all over Malaysia to date. See his profile (link to my profile) .

As we value proper property education, our company also organises property, mortgage and motivation courses for the public and also for developers sales staff. Our experience in the property industry makes us a sought after training provider in properties.

Organising Property Courses