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Latest news on assessment hike and collection enforcement for Penang.

Penangnites, starting 1st January 2020 there will be a hike in assessment. The increment expected to be  30%. I am very curious that my Penang property increment is at 60% and some owners has to pay  more than that.

According to the state, this is the first increase in 15 years. It should be reviewed every 5 years. Read more at Click here to read the full article

Are you affected by the increment. MBPP had already sent letter out informing the owners on the increment. How much has your increase? The time to submit your dissatisfaction to the council is already over on 14th October. I belief there are many who objected.  Click here to read the full article. Some says that the increment should be gradual and not to burden the people. What say you?

As for enforcement in collection of assessment by the local council please be reminded that to keep your accounts up to date. The council will send a letter to you informing about your arrears. then they will pay you a visit. This happen recently at a unit in Penang. . Click here to read the full article

This is done to ensure that MBPP collects all the arrears, so that future projects can be implemented for the people of Penang.



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