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Property Investment, Profits Through Homestay

Ever wonder what type of property investment makes money for this year?

As we know, rental today can fetch between 3 – 5%. It cannot cover the bank installment.

We acknowledge that property investment are different today as compare to many years back. The strategies we use now are different.

One of the strategy is to do a homestay business. Starting a homestay business involves many task from buying a suitable property to operating the business and making sure that you make profits.

I encourage you to learn the techniques before starting the business. Thus, I have organize a one day course on “Property Investment, Profits Through Homestay” All my sharing will be be based on real life case study.

Here is what you will learn:

1)      How to choose a suitable unit? What is right for you?

2)      How much you can earn from a homestay business?

3)      What are the cost involve?

4)      What investment vehicle to use?

5)      How to make sure the bank will lend to you?

To start a business, we must learn from the basic. There are many questions that lingers in your mind. Well, I learned it the hard way by embarking in a homestay business with limited resources.

As for you, starting the homestay business is smother as I will share with you what I have learned from doing the business itself.

What are other thing you must know to start your own homestay business?

6)      How to set up your unit for homestay business?

7)      What are the online booking websites to use?

8)      How to increase your bookings?

9)      The do’s and don’ts

10)   Declaring your taxes in homestay business


Imagine, you make profits and at the same time enjoying the appreciation of your property.

This course will be conducted by Miichael Yeoh, who is already 21 years in property and mortgage. Please click here for his profile.

Reserved your dates now to enjoy the early bird discount at RM598. The normal price is at RM1,200.

If you get another person to come, pay only RM 999 for two ticket

Date: 10th August 2019

Time: 9am to 5pm

Venue: Vistana Hotel, Penang.

What is included:

  •       Training Materials
  •       Soon to be launched Miichael’s 3rd book.
  •       Homestay Club
  •       2 tea breaks and 1 lunch

*At Homestay Club, members can share information with each other.

Hurry, sign up now for  early bird seats….

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