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Penang Property Convention 2018 (Official Video)

We had a splendid time at Penang Property Convention 2018. The participants started to arrived around 8.30am for registration.

This year we have a total of 350 participants who attended our annual property event in Penang on 29th September 2018.

We have a total of 10 speakers this time. 5 main speakers with 4 breakaway speakers during lunch time.

The 9 speakers are…

  1. Dr Daniele Gambero
  2. Miichael Yeoh
  3. Ken Lim
  4. Charles Tan
  5. Richard Oon
  6. Ai Leen
  7. WK Ng
  8. Elane Goh
  9. Kenneth Yew
  10. Teoh


We thank all of them for making their time and effort to share in our convention. Not to forget our MC, Barry Looi who make introduced all the speakers and also making sure all speakers keep to their timing.

We also thank our sponsors, Datum Jelatek, MTT Properties, Paramount and Mahsing who make this event possible.

On top of everything, we thank you our participants who attended our event.

We at GM Training hope that everyone enjoy the convention.

Please click the link below for our official video.

Hope to see everyone in our next event…

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