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Creating your second income for your property investment journey

Ever think of retirement through property investment. Ever wonder having a nice house by the beach, looking at sunrise and sunset every day and travel to places you always dream of going. In life, there must be a time we must enjoy the fruits of our labour. Work hard initially and enjoy our life forever. Let the money work for us instead.

Everyone knows that property investment makes good money buy many cannot afford to do it because lack of funds. I always believe that there is no free lunch. We must work for it.

Instead of waiting for something to happen (9 out of 10 times if does not happen) why not do something about it.

Let me share with you a true case story. Stanley (not his real name) comes from Sabah. He worked in a multinational company earning RM 2,800 a month. After deducting his expenses which includes house rental, car loan and living expenses, he is left with only a few hundred every month.  Initially, he thought of investing this money in property.

He came and talked to me. To cut the long story short I told him he is not ready for any property investment. He do not have funds to back him out if there is any emergency. After talking to me for 2 hours, he decided not to buy the property.

Today, I am so proud of him. His online business is slowly making money, during weekend he drive GRAB to make extra RM200 a day. He is getting closer to do property investment. He uses his free time to make money. He works not 1 but 2 side income.

This will only happen if we have a clear objective. We must know what we want going forward. There is so many things you can do to generate your second income. In future you will be enjoying a passive income while you’re out enjoying yourself.

If you want to know more on how to do it, join me …

Date:          21.10.2018 (Sunday)

Venue:      Suite 04.01, Menara IJM, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 3

                    Gelugor, Penang.

Time:         1.30 – 5.30pm

Contact:    Michelle Tan 016 417 2903

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