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Property Convention 2017. Penang Edition

Come and join us for a day of learning with property experts in Malaysia. If you are buying your first property or for investment you should not missed this.

GM Training have been organizing property events in Penang and Kuala Lumpur for the last 5 years. We believe in educating property buyers the right way. We want the buyers to minimize their risk when they purchase properties.

Who are the speakers?

This year we are inviting BankLawTax team. The team consists of Miichael Yeoh (Bank), Chris Tan (Law) and Richard Oon (Tax). They are called “BLT”. They have at least 20 years experience in their respective industry.

Other speakers includes

Ken Lim – Owner of  Penang Property Talk website in Penang.

KK Goh – Investor and also property expert from Singapore

Kaygarn Tan – Investor and property trainer

Elaine Goh – Mortgage insurance expert

These are the property speakers specially selected to share their experience in this event.

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