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My First Home Convention (Penang 2.0)

Everyone wants to own a home rather than renting for long term. At the end of the day the house will belong to you instead of the owner. For the last few years, owning a home is getting more difficult by the day. There are many properties offered but the sad part is that getting loan approval from the bank is getting more difficult by the day.


No doubt that the government launched special homeownership scheme for the people but many people are still not familiar on the steps in buying property. They cannot decide where to buy. What are the packages available for affordable homes? Mortgage approval is at all-time low. Many people already feel defeated before buying their first house. They are also the banks. Different banks have different criteria in approval.


Thus, we decided to organised a seminar tailored for first time home buyers. This is a CSR program by GM Training Academy.

This is the 2nd time GM Training is organising a seminar for first home purchasers in Penang.  In 2014 we had a full crowd who attended our half day seminar and have to turn away many participants as we did not aspect so many people who registered.  We did a great show although with limited budget. The event was sponsored by our company and V100 Consultancy Sdn Bhd.

This year with sponsors from Asia Green,  Aspen Group and V100 Consultancy we are targeting 350 participants to attend our talk. Penang Property Talk , property website in Penang is our co-organizer and we have Property Insight Magazine (a leading property magazine)  as our official media.


“I always belief that everyone must have a chance to own a home, that is why I make the event free for everyone to attend” said Miichael Yeoh, CEO of GM Training. Yes, you heard it right, the seminar is free for the public. As seat will be allocated, we encourage all of you to register.


We have specially chosen experience speakers in their field to share their knowledge with you. They include Michael Geh (Raine & Horne), Ken Lim (Penang Property Talk), Elane Goh (V100), Miichael Yeoh (GM), Oh Aik Kim(Ibrahim & Kim) and Mun Goon (GM)) .There will also be a special forum session at the end of the day that will include all the speakers.


The talks will be geared toward affordable properties below RM500,000.


Participants will learn:

  1. Steps in buying your first home.
  2. To buy now or wait?
  3. Penang’s masterplan
  4. First home projects in Penang.
  5. How to protect yourself legally?
  6. First home financing scheme
  7. Steps to get your loan approved.
  8. Should I buy MRTA or MLTA?


The event will be held on 28th May 2016 Saturday at Gurney Hotel from 9 am to 6pm.


You can register here.

Please email us at if you need further information.

Please help us to share this event with your family and friends.

*If after registering you are unable to attend please let us know as we would like to release the seat to other persons who are interested.

See you at our event….

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