Property Millionaire Workshop

Why do people worry about investing in property?

  1. Do not know how to get started?                                                                index
  2. Do not have the money to start?
  3. They are afraid of losing their hard earned money

These are some of the common concerns people face. I believe there are many more. Most the time, after my seminars, participants will come chat with me. Here’s what they say….

  1. “My wife bought a few properties recommended by people, now she is at the verge of bankruptcy”
  2. This lady had the money to buy 1 property but she instead bought 3, which promised cash back of RM600,000 upon completion. She did not get any money back but rather ended up stuck with  RM 2,000,000 in property loans.
  3. This guy did a buying spree on properties. Now, he is bankrupt.

We know that property investment makes good money and helps us retire early. What people fail to understand is the proper way to invest in property. It’s a journey which we need to be able to sustain long term.

Some of the mistakes many investors make include:-

  1. Not doing proper research before buying
  2. Impulse buying
  3. Buying too many properties simultaneously while knowing that repayment will be a struggle.
  4. Peer pressure

Property Investment is a beautiful journey, if we do it right. We need to get the right education in order to minimize our risks. I’ve already been in the property industry for over 20 years. My first job was working with Standard Chartered Bank, followed by Hong Leong Bank and HSBC. I’ve also worked in a legal firm before. Until today, I have spoken for and trained 25 developers and also conducted 160 seminars nationwide for the public and housing agencies. Click here to see my full profile.

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Drawing from my vast experience in property and mortgage, I will share with you in my 3 days workshop many useful key topics like:

  1. The 5 strategies in property investment
  2. The dos and don’ts in property investment. What to look out for?
  3. How to select investment grade properties?
  4. How to increase your Return Of Investment (ROI)?
  5. The legal process and how to maneuver wisely.
  6. Property taxes you need to know as an investor.
  7. Learn how to borrow more from banks.
  8. Learn how to use different financing vehicles.

I always belief that learning can be faster when real life case studies are used. Based on my 20 years of experience in the property industry, I definitely have lots of case studies to share with you.

In order to make a more in depth learning, I have invited two prominent property speakers in the industry to share their experience.

Dr Daniel Gambero CEO, REI Group of Companies An established property analyst . All his sharing and publications are backed by facts. He is engaged by many developers in Malaysia to do property research.

Dr Daniel Gambero
CEO, REI Group
An established property analyst . All his sharing and publications are backed by facts. He is engaged by many developers in Malaysia to do property research.

Charles Tan Editor, kopiandproperty Owns a very successful property blog in Malaysia. His blog is read and followed by many people in Malaysia and overseas.

Charles Tan
Owns a very successful property blog in Malaysia. His blog is read and followed by many people in Malaysia and overseas.


On the 3rd day all participants will have practical learning  by myself and Dr Daniel Gambero. I will be organizing a PROPERTY  STUDY TOUR for all participants. There will be briefing by us on the site.


Image result for How much it cost

Property Investment     RM  10,000

Study Tour                          RM 10.000

Legal                                      RM  5,000

Tax                                         RM  5,000

Bank                                      RM  5,000

Total                                    RM 45,000

Now you need only pay RM 3,988.00 when you sign up. That’s a total savings of RM41,000.

PLUS, as an early bird, I will give you an extra discount.

If you pay now, you will save an additional RM 1,000!

Yes you heard me right.

You ONLY pay RM 2,988!

If you bring a friend, you only have to pay RM 4,988 for 2 person.

Where & When will it be held?

Date:                     12, 13 & 14th October 2018

Venue:                 Kuala Lumpur (Hotel to be determined)

Here’s what a former student says about my workshops.

“Since being a member in Property EDU club, I have learnt a lot from Miichael. He is very experienced. To date, I have bought 2 properties together with him. I enjoyIMG_3228 the get together sessions and having the chance to meet with other members who have the same property investment mindset. He has also brought me along in many of his research trips. I always enjoy learning trips with him as it too provides me opportunities to meet developers.”

Julian, Property Investor

“Property investment doesn’t start with buying a property. It start from planning to create a good credibility  record to obtain bank loan with low financial cost. Restructure and refinancing your loan could save you few years in loan repayment. Not knowing what you have signed will also affect you as property investor.

Above are what I have learned from Miichael who have in depth knowledge in banking and property investment.  Miichael started Property EDU club with clearwk objective to educate members in property investment. He organizes property study trip so that members are equip with practical exposure. One have the opportunity to learn and update in members discussion and sharing of valuable experience.

Miichael talks beyond today, he sees ahead clearly and anticipate future trends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him. your professional support to members has been absolutely brilliant.”

Ng Wee Kwong, Accountant

What else will you get from my 3 days workshop?

  1. All workshop materials
  2. Mortgage Health Report
  3. BLT Property Investment Book
  4. Breakfast, lunch and tea breaks.

Join me now and be a successful and prudent property investor.

Property Investment Workshop


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