Property Outlook 2018


Hi Everyone,

I wish you have a successful 2017!

Looking forward what will be the property outlook for 2018?

Do you have the right strategies for this challenging market and emerge as the eventual winner?

What will be the borrowing scene in 2018? What will be the changes?

Are you curious to know the answers? Let us keep ourselves updated and succeed in our property investment.

I am honored to have Charles Tan from kopiandproperty (the top property blog in Malaysia) to give his views. He will also share with you his investment philosophy.

As usual, I always mention the the do’s and don’ts in my talk.

This event will be the first time both of us having a joint talk on property outlook.

You shall witness the launch of Mortgage Health Report, the first in Malaysia. This report will assist loan borrowers in securing loan approval.

Many thanks to SDB Properties and KK Land for being our partners in the event, to enable us making the event free for everyone.

*Light refreshment will be served

If you wish to join us click here to register