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When I give talks , many people asked me how to get their loan approve by the banks. What are the strategies to use?

I told them before getting loan approval you must do proper mortgage planning. Many people fail to do that. When it’s time to buy a property, the preparation only starts.

Isn’t this too late.

Many people submit to many banks in hope that 1 bank will approve the loan. Do you know that every time a bank rejects a loan it will show in your CCRIS report? It will reduce your chances in getting approval with other banks.

Let me introduce to you Mortgage Health Report. My brainchild after 21 years in mortgage industry.

Mortgage Health Report will assist you to prepare before submitting your documents to the bank for approval.

The report consists:

  • Credit Checks
  • Credit Scoring
  • Financial documents checks
  • Scoring on loan approval
  • Recommendation

Mortgage Health Report will give you the added advantage when you submit the loan to the bank for approval. You will know your position before submitting your documents.

If you are not ready, my report will give you suggestions to improve your credit standing.

The report will also tells you how much more you can borrow.

Once you are agreeable to do a Mortgage Health Report, my admin will send you the relevant forms to be filled in and also the documents needed to churn out the report.

It will take 5 working days from the date where all the forms and documents collected for the report to be ready.

If you have any queries email to

Today, I am giving a very special price of RM 500. The usual price is at RM800. As for couples who would like to do a joint report pay only RM 700 instead of the usual RM1,000.


Grab the special price now.

Mortgage Health Report

 * you can pay via credit card.

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