Mortgage Consultation

Couple Arguing over Bills --- Image by © Artiga Photo/Corbis

If you are worry about

  • not been able to buy for first house
  • to invest into more properties
  • getting your mortgage approval
  • your loan have been rejected by the bank
  • planning to buy a house but needs the right direction

Getting a loan from the bank today is much more difficult as compared to 20 years ago. Last time an IC photocopy and 3 months latest salary vouchers are enough for loan approval. Today, more documents are needed and more credit checks will be undertaken by the banks before a loan can be approved. Different banks have different approval criteria. Too many documents or too few documents can affect your loan approval.

Do you know that submitting to too many banks can also cost your loan rejection? Every time you submit your loan, approval and rejection will be reflected in your credit check.

I had been in mortgage industry for 20 years, working in the banks and owning my own mortgage consultancy company. I have processed thousands of mortgage cases. Each case is unique by its own. My experience helps me to identify which bank have the added advantage for the borrowers.

Today, I practice a step by step approach when I do mortgage consultancy.

Speak to my consultants today if you want to know more. They have been specially handpick by me to give you proper consultancy advise.

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