GM Training Academy PLT (GM) formerly known as Golden Millennium Consultancy founded by CEO Miichael Yeoh started business in the 2005 as a mortgage consultation company. GM assists housing loan applicants in getting approval from the banks.Today the company’s core focus consist of:

· Mortgage Consultation

· Event Planning

· Providing speakers for developers’ project launches.

· Organising Property courses

GM have successfully organised more than 35 property events of various crowd sizes from the more specialized focus groups to large public forums. With the motto “Putting Education First”, GM constantly seeks new and established experienced speakers to educate the general public. GM’s speakers cover a wide spectrum of topics concerning public awareness on “all things property”.

Every month GM publishes newsletters to its subscribers who are also invited to attend various GM seminar series. At present, GM has a sizeable database ranging from 1st time home buyers to property investors.

In January 2016 Miichael Yeoh, together with Lawyer Chris Tan and Tax Expert Richard Onn launched BLT, the property investment model. BLT stands for Bank, Law and Tax. The launch which was co-organised by GM at the Everly Hotel, Putrajaya received overwhelming response with a crowd of 500 enthusiastic participants.

9th January 2017 marked the day when GM launched 2 new products into the market.  Members of the public can now download MY Mortgage Calculator App through the Apple App Stores for free. GM will extend the calculator to Android apps very soon.

Getting mortgage approval is getting tougher by the day plus increasing demands from the public and developers, GM launched GM Mortgage Report. The report will enable loan applicants to know their current status before submitting their application to the banks. GM will also recommend suggestions to help applicants increase loan approval probability.

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