Should I invest in properties now?

Everyone will be thinking. Should I invest in properties now?

Many are still undecided whether to buy or wait and see.

Some people said…..

  • Property market is not good
  • Property Burble is coming
  • Price is too expensive
  • Easier if I rent
  • Where can get good rental today?

I know everyone got their own concern.

To explain all these, I am going to share with you some insights together with my partner Richard Oon.

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25th August 2018 – 2.30pm

8f892dea18e793466705099dbe1839b8    Miichael Yeoh

    CEO, GM Training Academy PLT

   Property & Mortgage Consultant


 Topic: Is this the time to invest in properties?

  • Facts on Penang
  • Is Penang properties going to burst?
  • How to be a smart property investor?

26th August 2018 – 2.30pm

2711570131d7db0f55635bff5507a439   Richard Oon

   National Tax Director

   ShineWing TY Teoh


Topic: GST vs SST. What it means to property investor

  • GST or SST which is better?
  • Does the introduction of SST affects property investors?
  • Where is the government revenue coming from?

 Venue:   Setia Sky Vista Sales Suites, Lebuh Relau Penang   Image result for waze logo

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