10.5km tunnel proposal for Penang


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Penang’s state government proposed that a 10.5km tunnel from Persiaran Gurney to Penang International to be built to alleviate the traffic . Normally, it will take us more than 1 hour to reach the airport. The time also depends on traffic condition. It will be better to allocate at least 1.5 hours to get there. We have to do something on th traffic as it getting bad to worst.

With the proposal, it will cut the traveling time to 15 minutes. Wow, this is good news. We do not have to allocate so long  traveling time if this is approved. I do not have to rush for my apportionment when I reach the airport.  The tunnel will cut through hill slopes in Bukit Bendera, Paya Terubong and Sungai Ara. The environment impact will be there but I think it is manageable since it is a tunnel.

As a responsible government, the public can view the report prepared by the appointed  consultant for feedback. Yeah, the state government also listen to feedback by the public. I will think that this project will require huge funding from the federal government. It will not be so soon that the project will become a reality. There are many steps to adhere too.  It is still at infancy stage.

In property investment, it is important that we improve on the infrastructure. This is the sign where the state is progressing. We cannot have the same infrastructure to cater for the increasing population. As we know, the bulk of the population is in the island and the land size is smaller than the mainland. It is important that the state government to plan for the future. As more and more property projects been built or in proposal we need a full proof plan. I am happy that the state government is also proposing on The Penang Transport Masterplan as a whole.

Now with the new federal government after GE14, I feel that many projects which benefits the people of Malaysia will be approved.

If you want to read the full article go to NST website.


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