2018 CNY property talk by Miichael Yeoh

Hi Everyone,

These are some photos of my talk during the recent concluded Chinese New Year talk..

In my talk at Aman Setia Sales Gallery, some participants talked to me after my session.. I heard many horror stories where people lost their invested money in properties. Normally in talks you will hear a lot of success stories but not on losing money in property investment. In my talks I always mention the good and bad. It all boils down in two things which is bad or no financial planning and also not to forget the most important which is GREED. I always said that buy what you can afford. The higher the risk you take the higher you can fall. Take only calculated risk.

In most of my talks there are people who will share with me the stories. Money not easy to earn. We don’t have money falling from the sky.

Invest the right way.

CNY 2018 Photos CNY 2018 Photos2

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