Study Trip Anyone !!!

I strongly believe that before buying a property, we need to study the surrounding area. Hence, I feel that a study trip to the project site is of upmost importance…to see and experience for yourself the property you are going to buy.

Recently, on 5th August 2017 I had the privilege of collaborating with OCR Properties in taking a group of property investors to one of their completed projects and also a current project’s (The Pano) site in Jalan Ipoh , Kuala Lumpur. When asked, most of the investors revealed that they have never been on a study trip before. And yes, this was an eye opener for them.


Everyone has to go through a headcount procedure

The staff of OCR Properties did a wonderful job. It took them weeks of planning to get everything in order such as routes, plans for the projects site visits, bus, photographer etc. This is a picture of us getting ready for the trip. They are counting how many people are boarding to make sure that everyone is accounted for when we come back. Cannot leave anyone stranded during our trip!


Our first stop is “The Pano” project site sitting on 2 acres of land. Ya, on study trips you need to brave the heat… Do bring along a cap as it helps with the glare. Thank goodness it did not rain that day otherwise it would’ve been really wet & messy.

From what I understand, this site is one of the very few freehold lands left in Jalan Ipoh as evidently, there is not much land left in Jalan Ipoh anymore. On the other hand, there are many old buildings. I guess it will be like Hong Kong one day. In order to free up more land, developers will have to do redevelopment. That means tearing down old buildings and building new ones.


Looks like me and sounds like me, no doubt it’s me stressing a point here. I remember my first study trip where the bus did not have a mic for me. Imagine me having to throw my voice over the sound of the roaring engine to get my message across to everybody on a 44 seater bus!  The first thing I told Michelle in our meeting is that the bus must have a mic, otherwise I will definitely lose my voice by the end of the trip.



We arrived at Flexus, OCR’s newly completed project to have a look. You know…I have a habit of knocking on the walls of any project I see to check on the quality. I took all my investors friends to see the furnished and unfurnished units. Well, you can clearly see the difference. The developers are managing for the owners “Airbnb” style. It is in fact easier to let them manage.



We were then taken to their facility floor. The project has 2 floors of facilities. This is the spectacular view from the swimming pool area. We spent some time here soaking in the view and also taking lots of photos.



This is Daniel stressing a point. Did you know that, the Flexus project has a 360 degrees view. This developer pays attention to details…


Now, it’s time to go back to the sales gallery but first…let’s take a group photo.

Personally, I like doing such trips. Investors need see and feel for themselves before buying the project.


After lunch provided by OCR, it’s time for me to give talk on property investments. Yes, it’s a full house. We had to pull more chairs so that everyone had a place to sit. Sometimes, we have to prepare for the unexpected as anything that can happen no matter how well we plan. Well, as luck would have it, the mic did fail halfway into my talk. Luckily, I have a loud voice. Can you imagine speaking to a room more than 70 people without a mic?


Thanks Stanley for presenting us with a nice souvenir

I even invited my youngest member who traveled all the way from Penang to be on stage with me. Thank you Teoh for coming.

Thank you Team OCR for a well-planned event- caption in photo needs to be changed

Here’s to the OCR members who made this happen. Special thanks to Michelle and Daniel for spending time with me and taking me around the area. We had people from Penang and as far as Kedah joining us. Thank you all for coming.

If you are interested to join me on the upcoming trip to see OCR projects please let me know. This will be an opportunity for the Penang people. We will be organizing a one day study trip by bus from Penang-Kuala Lumpur-Penang on 21st October 2017. Yes, I will be following the bus from Penang. We will start our journey from 7.o0am.

For early bird who sign up it’s free. The fee is only RM9.90, which covers the bus and also 1 lunch. Don’t wait.  Sign up now as seats are very limited and are on a first come basis.


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  1. i interest on OCR projects site visit. how i can i sign up for this program? tank

    • Hi,

      Am sorry. Due to unforeseen circumstances the trip will be brought forward to another date.

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