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  1. rosalind // 14/08/2015 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    Hi Michael
    We would like to purchasing a residential property via SDN BHD. However the loan financing margin is 60%; how do we overcome this issue.
    appreciate your early reply.
    thank you

    • Hi Rosalind,

      For companies under Bank Negara ruling the max margin for residential is cap at 60%. There is no other way except you buy commercial such as service apartment or SOHO which is 85%.

  2. hi drmortgage,
    i am doing business as sole proprietary. let say my business account will have profit rm7k every month in statement, roughly how much my loan margin?
    im planning to buy a property but not sure what is my loan limit. thank you

    • Hi Nick,

      Banks will look at your other documents to determine the approval not only your accounts. It depends how much you declare and also how much you have in your savings.

      Hope this helps.

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